Welcoming delegations from across the Indo-Pacific and beyond

Trade and investment delegations visiting Western Australia can benefit from a wide range of opportunities across all sectors. Western Australia is a major exporter of minerals, energy, agricultural products, and services, and has strong trade relationships with many countries around the world. By visiting Western Australia, delegations can meet with local businesses, industry leaders, and government officials to explore opportunities for collaboration, investment, and trade.

Trade & Investment in Western Australia

Our state offers a stable and supportive business environment, with a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, and a favorable regulatory environment. Western Australia’s key industries, such as mining, oil and gas, agriculture, and education, provide significant opportunities for delegations to develop new partnerships and expand their operations.

Additionally, delegations can experience Western Australia’s unique culture and natural beauty, which can help build personal connections and facilitate business relationships.

Conference Delegate Profiles

CEOs, Government Officials, Managers, Engineers, Educators, Consultants, Operations, Researchers


Space, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Renewables, Government, Defence, Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing, Education, Robotics, Data

Program Overview

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Tuesday 26 November 2024
Wednesday 27 November 2024
Thursday 28 November 2024

Delegation requests

Requests should be submitted to us at least six weeks in advance of the Indo-Pacific Space and Earth Conference, so that appropriate arrangements can be made for your delegation.

Site visits are subject to availability – while every attempt is made to host all delegations, this is not always possible.

Please note: The Indo-Pacific Space and Earth Conference does not provide transport, accommodation, or interpreters for delegations – these arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the visiting delegation.

Bringing together leaders from across the Indo-Pacific and beyond for opportunities in space and cross-sector technologies and innovation