Nicolas Younes

Research Fellow – The Australian National University

Nicolas Younes is an engineer, a geospatial and remote sensing scientist, and an entrepreneur, who’s passionate about Earth Observation, knowledge transfer, and education. Nicolas works in local, continental, and global-scale projects that seek to further our understanding of the vegetation phenology and flammability through the use of remote sensing technologies.

Currently, Nicolas is a research fellow at the Fenner School of Environment & Society and he is deeply involved in the development of OzFuel, the world’s first satellite payload created specifically to monitor the flammability vegetation fuels. Through the OzFuel project, he’s helping advance Australia’s space industry and increase community resilience and preparedness. His work involves hyperspectral sensors, to data analysis, machine learning, and biochemical analysis of flammable components.

Nicolas is also a lecturer and holds an Environmental Engineering degree, a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Management, and a PhD in Earth and Environmental Sciences.


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Nicolas Younes

Research Fellow – The Australian National University



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