RoboNomics: Cultivating an interdisciplinary future of productivity, profitability, safety, and sustainability

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Tue 24 Oct


11:50am -


Ballroom 1


In this dynamic and visionary panel discussion, industry leaders from diverse sectors will converge to explore the transformative potential of robotics in optimizing production, maximizing profits, enhancing safety, and offering sustainable solutions. With the backdrop of the inspiring presentation on robotics’ journey from space to energy, this panel will envision a future where robotics-driven innovations transcend sector boundaries, shaping a world where efficiency, profitability, and sustainability thrive in unison.


Tamryn Barke

National Project Lead – Australian Automation and Robotics Precinct

Chris Eriksen

General Manager, Technology and Information Management – Atlas Iron

Fred Pauling

Wildcat Technologies Lead – CSIRO Data61 Robotics & Autonomous Systems Group


Dharshun Sridharan

Associate Director, Emerging Technologies (Space, Robotics, AI) – KPMG