Opportunities for trade, investment and collaboration with India

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Tue 24 Oct


2:50pm -




Step into the realm of opportunities with our captivating panel session that shines a spotlight on the vast potential for trade, investment, and collaboration with the vibrant and dynamic nation of India. This enlightening discussion will explore the myriad avenues for forging partnerships, tapping into markets, and fueling innovation across sectors. From technology and commerce to culture and education, this panel will illuminate the diverse landscapes of possibility that India offers. Join us for an inspiring exchange of ideas, where industry experts and leaders share insights, strategies, and success stories that pave the way for a future brimming with flourishing partnerships and transformative growth on a global scale.


Raj Gautam

Founder & CEO – QL Space – QL Resources

Sakthikumar Ramachandran

Founder & Chief Executive Officer – OrbitAID Aerospace (India)

Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri

Chairman & Managing Director – Ananth Technologies (India)


Ram Kappusamy

CEO – Space Angel