Investment opportunities in space and deep tech

Investment & Commercialisation

Tue 24 Oct


2:20pm -


Ballroom 2


Get ready for an enlightening presentation by a distinguished venture capitalist, offering a global perspective on the venture capital market, with a special focus on space and deep tech investments. This visionary talk will delve into what venture capitalists seek in cutting-edge technology companies and explore the importance of cross-sector applications for their customer base. Discover the unparalleled opportunities that lie at the intersection of space technology and diverse industries, igniting a new era of innovation, collaboration, and exponential growth. Through real-world insights and expert analysis, attendees will gain invaluable knowledge, empowering technology companies to soar beyond boundaries, reshape industries, and secure transformative investment opportunities.


Doron Zauer

Co-Founder & General Partner – Earth & Beyond Ventures (ISRAEL)