Extending the role of multiphysics engineering simulation from the space industry into mining, robotics and agriculture

Robotics & Autonomous Systems

Tue 24 Oct


2:15pm -


Ballroom 1


In the space industry, startups are competing against the establishment without the massive teams and resources that were once afforded to the space race. A key ingredient in their success often lies in efficiency and automation in their design and engineering processes – these days a company’s success hinges more on the ability to deliver in the quickest timeframe. Over 15 minutes we will explore examples of how a multiphysics approach with simulation can allow nimble engineering teams to (i) test virtually before they manufacture and break any prototypes, (ii) force engagements between multidisciplinary teams as early as possible within your design stage and (iii) remove human design bias, to yield new ideas that may never have been conceived previously – benefits which are equally applicable to engineers working in mining, robotics and agriculture.


Derik Cloete

Senior Engineering Solutions Manager – LEAP Australia

Bennett Frerck

Application Engineer – LEAP Australia